Sci-fi meets fantasy in a brutal melee duel. Multiplayer slasher with complex melee combat system and audio-driven gameplay options.


  • Exciting and brutal melee combat
  • 2 races and 4 factions to choose from – Terrans(Mobile infantry and agents) and Mages(Elemental and Dark)
  • Unique classes within each faction
  • Kaleidoscope of abilities – from construction to gravity manipulation
  • Destruction and creation of environment – raging battles can destroy anything on the arena, but you can build yourself a new one!
  • Audio-driven arenas

Craft your own style with fluid combat system:

  • Choose from variety of strikes, each could smoothly continuing into another. Let the game choose your next strike at random or based on one of the presets you made, or choose strike manually using one of the 3 control systems.
  • Adapt to different challenges - Each strike of each individual class has its strengths and weaknesses, so get to know your options.
  • Abilities - Classes are defined by their unique abilities. Will you create a massive rock structures, burn your enemies, move with lighting speed or manipulate basic forces around you?

Audio-driven experience
What could be better than hammering a foe through the wall he just built? Why, listening to music while doing that.
Complex music analysation algorithm let combat areas react to music in a variety of ways, from pure aesthetical to lasers in your face.