Ballbot is spatial puzzle/arcade game based on a classic "snake" gameplay with a twist - it's expanded to 3rd dimension.

Game features 27 campaign levels and 9 separate arcade levels containing puzzles, powerups, enemies and more.

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Gameplay features:

  • Fully 3D levels - you can move on any surface and transition between them.
  • Active elements - teleporters, lifts, forcefields and moving platforms
  • Active modules - keys, guns, bombs and mines
  • Modifiers that change effects of modules - freezing, explosive and engineering

Although there might be variations, most common level objective is to bring at least a minimum number of "ballkids" to exit teleporter. Usually this can be done by solving puzzles, planning your movement through level and reacting to active threats (automatic turrels and agressive cubebots).

Ballbot will be released for Windows, Linux and MacOS and will support gamepads.